"waarom moet je zo vroeg opstaan in de middag dan?" - Yimulei (January 20th, 2017)

Administration Panel

For when you need direct access to the server and you forgot that damm port.

Yeah, i know numbers are hard but come on 8443 isnt really that hard to remember. But oh well here I am helping you out in your dire state of distress. Maybe make a bookmark next time?


The most dank meemees always start from within. All you need is your creativity to be stimulated. That and more will be easy to obtain when you join our ranks in Discord.

So we dare you to connect.

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The SteamGroup of an elite CS-GO group that performs best in winter.

Social Club

The Grand theft auto online crew which only accepts snowballs as their weapon.

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Here is a List of all the games that are being played in our Iglos.
These are all hand picked by our game specialist